Hybrid Events, All you need to know

Hybrid Events, All you need to know

Hybrid Events, All you need to know

All we think you need to know when it comes to the new normal in Events. lets “step into Hybrid” with our in found and director Rachel Locke

In 2022 The Events world returned to Live events, But it didn’t leave behind its 2 years of Virtual Events. Take a closer look at Rachels 3 hybrid focused Blogs below, to find out what hybrid is, why it’s important and how to be good at it. Along with some other stuff!

Hybrid Events Blog 1 1 road 2 tracks

The first blog in the 3 part series explores hybrid events at their most simplistic level, with some top tips about planning and agenda setting. Along with Rachels favourite analogy about 2 parallel tracks.

We had conversation after conversation in 2022 with clients claiming they had done a hybrid event, only to be told their was no two way interaction!?

In the 2nd blog of this 3 part series we dispel the myths and lay down the facts when it comes to Hybrid Vs Fake Hybrid!

Blog part 3! A deeper look into the final preparations and wrap up for your event. Featuring rehearsals, set up time, tech checks and and all the bits after your event that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Want to look back at some of our previous Hybrid related posts?

Hybrid Hype – How to Transverse the Gap.

An exploration of the early days of Hybrid, asking the question “how do we step from a pandemic hit virtual events world to the new normal”


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