“The Up, The Down, The Live” – Hybrid Blog Series – Part 3

Rachel Locke

Welcome back to another blog about planning your hybrid event, if you are new here, be sure to check out […]

Hybrid Blog Series Part 2 – Parallel Experiences

Rachel Locke

In my last blog I gave an introduction to hybrid events and how to do it properly, but I didn’t […]

Don’t Be Fooled: When we say “hybrid”, we mean it

Rachel Locke

Hybrid events and live streaming are not new technology, the concept has been around for years. A TV show with […]

Fully Comprehensive Step by Step Guide to Hybrid Events…

Rachel Locke

How to optimise the enjoyment and impact, wherever your speakers and audience may be. Hybrid events and live streaming are […]

Catherine Puri

Virtual bake-off’s Let’s jump straight in with virtual bake off’s. As a country we are obsessed with watching people bake, […]

Social media, a recipe for success

Catherine Puri

Social media, we all use it. But are you using all of the features in the best way? Today I’m […]

Three Types of Presenters

Cameron McKirdy

    Presenting at an event can be super stressful, many shy away from it due to anxiety and self […]

Interactivity or detachment? – Our top tips to stimulate the senses in a virtual event environment

Catherine Puri

The world of virtual events has become for many, a way to interact with real life while locked down inside […]

Hybrid Hype – How to Transverse the Gap

Rachel Locke

HYBRID EVENTS – Discover the truth behind the hype – the pros, the cons and how to pull off an […]

How to stir up a storm of interest for your event

Catherine Puri

Struggling to get a good turnout for the entirety of your event? Well look no further, this blog will give […]

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