Met Office – Virtual Event

Met Office – Virtual Event

We were approached by the team at the Inconf about a project with the Met Office in mid 2022. The client wanted 16 tailor made, virtual, interactive whiteboards. 8 Breakout rooms with technical support and full production of their 2 day virtual event in Zoom.

Met Office Virtual Event - concept art
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Interactive Whiteboards

The main focus of the project was the interactive white boards.

The objective was to collect group discussions around the impacts of weather and climate extremes on the UK food chain. Using Mural, we workshopped and developed each board to come up with the perfect solution.

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In order to work within the budget. The client opted to use their own technical facilitators in each of the breakout rooms. In order to ensure each of these facilitators was briefed we created a short tutorial video. This helped prepare the breakout room facilitators in operating each mural board and leading their individual breakouts.

Examples of Interactive whiteboards from the event.

In addition to the interactive whiteboards we oversaw the management of the zoom based event. Managing Eventbrite tickets, hosting and virtual stage management & technical support of the 2 day show.

Our 3 person team supported all technical queries throughout the event as well as providing full event recordings.

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