Webinars & Conferences

Planning a key commercial event for your business?

Whether it’s an internal conference or a large-scale external event; we offer a range of services to promote and manage every detail, ensuring the best possible experience for your delegates and presenters alike. Using leading event technology, we can help you to host the perfect virtual, in person or hybrid meetings – actively engaging all delegates.

Virtual Approval design bespoke solutions to ensure your event runs smoothly; you can focus on the experience – not the technology.

Our team can work independently or as an extension of your internal events teams, providing the right level of support you need to bring together a truly memorable event.

Some of our regular services include, but are not limited to: –

  • Selecting the right combination of software, tech and / or venue to host your event
  • Applying specifically designed security measures to elevate the risk of unwelcome disruptions and security breaches
  • Creating engaging marketing material to promote your event
  • Designing content for the event such as PowerPoint presentations, if required
  • Supplying studio equipment for presenters such as cameras, microphones, green screen, lighting rigs
  • Incorporating interactive elements such as bespoke games, quizzes, polls and workshops
  • Booking keynote presenters, hosts and breakout activity specialists
  • Sending out customised invitations that outline capture attendee data such as company, position, telephone, and email addresses
  • Controlling admissions and legal compliance
  • Providing technical support to participants
  • Supplying a Meeting Facilitator, controlling individual audio / video transmissions and each element of virtual interaction during the event
  • Supplying all software licenses
  • Graphic design for the live event staging
  • Providing highly trained broadcast professionals to elevate the live production quality
  • Show calling
  • Creating a custom stage design – from basic 2D imagery, through to 3D extended reality
  • Co-Hosting the event, screening questions and responding to chat correspondence in real time
  • Supplying reports on registration, attendance, participation, and polls
  • Managing and administering the virtual event; liaising with all parties
  • Live streaming to social media channels – YouTube / Facebook to attract more guests
  • Creating and sending follow up communications after the event
  • Video editing of the event recording, to add your company branding and optimising for use on social media etc.

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