Hybrid Events, All you need to know

Rachel Locke

All we think you need to know when it comes to the new normal in Events. lets “step into Hybrid” […]

Are holograms a viable solution for the future of hybrid Events?

Cameron McKirdy

Back in 2018 I remember working on a show at the Olympia Exhibition Centre. I was project managing a team […]

The Metaverse, are we looking at it all wrong?

Cameron McKirdy

If you have been anywhere near the internet in the last few years you must have heard about the Metaverse. […]

Imagine if an AI could do all your design work

Cameron McKirdy

/Imagine if all your design work could be done by a robot.  Welcome back to another future tech in events […]

Practice Makes Perfect – The rules of Preparation

Rachel Locke

The final blog in this 3 part series. Is a deeper look into the final preparation and wrap up for […]

Don’t Be Fooled – When we say “Hybrid” we mean it.

Rachel Locke

Hybrid events and live streaming are not new technology, the concept has been around for years. A TV show with […]

Are you missing this vital puzzle piece in your event?

Cameron McKirdy

  What is the missing puzzle piece? Imagine this, for Christmas, you got a 1000 piece puzzle. A beautiful landscape […]

Are your Virtual Events good enough to hang on your wall?

Cameron McKirdy

Before I start, anyone who is mad enough to be hanging pictures of their virtual events on their walls needs […]

Top 5 Ways to keep climbing to new heights with virtual Meetings & Events

Cameron McKirdy

  There is no debating it, 2020 saw a monumental rise in the use of online video conferencing applications.  With enforced home working […]

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